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PC or Mac? Should You Switch?

Statistics say that if you own a computer, you don't own an Apple Macintosh machine. This would explain why you are reading this. Also because once a person starts using a Mac, they almost never switch to a Microsoft/IBM Windows computer. Unless they are forced to.

Many years ago, there were big differences between Apple Macintosh computers and Microsoft/IBM based personal computers. The first difference is price. Apple machines costed more, and so businesses gravitated towards them. As result most business software was written for Microsoft/IBM machines. All this made Microsoft/IBM machines become a standard and increased the chances that you have one.

But times have changed. Apple Macintosh machines are still more expensive, but they are now very similar to Microsoft/IBM machines and have lots of beneficial features that people find well worth the price. Apple concentrated on schools, so younger people have always used a Mac.

Do you drive a Ford or a Mercedes?

Picking a computer is almost like picking a car. Which do you drive and why?

If you drive a Ford, then you are probably cost conscious. You knowingly accept your relationship to do more "hands on" when it comes to maintaining and operating your car. This is not to say that you don't appreciate dealer service, but you know and have the option to take your car to any number of places for repair if you don't lease your car and have maintenance from the dealer.

You can get your Ford fixed at any corner garage

If your Ford is broken, and you have a nearby garage you trust, you can drop it off, walk home and wait for a call from the mechanic with an estimate. Corner mechanics have experience and creativity. They can take shortcuts to save money on parts from junkyards or aftermarket suppliers. Your car will run better when someone who knows you and your car works together with you as a customer.

The garage may be a little messy, and the owner too, but it all works out.

Maybe you prefer "an experience" with your car instead of "a relationship".

Mercedes has Relationship Managers to take care of your repair needs

With a Mercedes you pay more for an experience. The car is way more luxurious than a Ford and more expensive. Most drivers make up for this by not owning one and getting a new one on lease after every few years. When the car needs service it undoubtedly goes to a dealer. There aren't many Mercedes in the junkyard to scavenge for parts, and there aren't many aftermarket parts suppliers for them. Mercedes Dealers have "Relationship Managers" that get you a loaner car and you don't really have any relationship to the mechanic or what is done with the car.

The shop at a Mercedes dealership looks more like an operating room than a garage. It's clean and uniform and all the parts come from the factory. Everything is done to factory specifications by the book. If you don't get a repair done on warranty or part of your maintenance agreement, it will cost you way more than any repair done by a mechanic at your friendly corner garage.

At a Mercedes garage you can practically eat off the floor.

We can help you make the switch if you want to. The good news is that you'll probably have fewer issues with computers in general, but you'll pay more for it. As a supplier of computer support services, this cuts into my revenue. You'll gain an experience from taking your Mac to an "Apple Store" and scheduling assistance with a "Relationship Associate" at the "Genius Bar".

Call (201) 796-7967 or chat me up using the link below and we can discuss your conversion in detail if you are interested.


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