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Mobile Device Web Design

Using a web design that is responsive means that the format of your site looks great on all different devices: Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

In the beginning, websites were only seen on computers. The programming language (HTML) that formatted the pages was primitive and didn’t allow for much resign. Over time the HTML language has become more powerful and the world is using all manor of devices to access information.

The old designs used small fonts and images in a table like structure that looked good on a big screen. But when you look at the same page on a mobile phone, you see tiny type and images. It is hard to read and harder to navigate to other pages.

Designers and programmers have created website designs that look great on both traditional computers and on mobile platforms. The content of both sites is the same, but if you look at the site on a computer or on a smart phone, you’ll see something different. It adds a new way to look at design.

In 2021, the market share of mobile phones is almost even with the market share of computers in the US. The Safari and Android phone browsers account for about 50% of the website traffic in the US. All other browsers on all other platforms don't eve make up 10%. See the statistics below.

If your website doesn’t look good on your smartphone, you need a redesign. Call us on (201) 796-7967 or click the chat below to start a conversation.


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