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Faster Costs Money but is Cheaper

It always amazes me that computer users never figure in their time when they are pricing out a computer. How much does it cost for them to wait while their old machine struggles to get their work done.

I once did the math on the savings. Here's what I figured:

Let's say that the lowest paid employee gets $31,200 per year. That's a rate of $15 per hour, 40 hours a week. That's the same as paying a person $0.25 per minute.

Let's say that this person is struggling with the oldest and slowest computer in the office. A real clunker that wastes 10 minutes of their time every single day. So in dollar terms, that's $2.50 wasted every single day while this busy and maybe overworked person waits for their old machine to restart or open a program or whatever.

This means that after 140 working days, that low paid employee wastes $350.00 dealing with a computer problem. A refurbished computer that is way faster than the broken one they have costs the same amount - $350. So if this employee wastes 10 minutes every workday from January 1 until July 26, the wasted time would pay for a new computer.

This calculation is for the lowest paid employee (someone paid at the theoretical minimum wage.) If the salary of the person is double ($62,400 a year) then the time lost is twice as much and the time to recover the expense of a new machine drops in half and...

... a better machine pays for itself in 70 working days. If counted from January 1st, the break even point is Tax Day, April 15th.

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