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Recondition Your PC

Do you have a newer Laptop or Desktop computer and it is running too slow?

There could be all kinds of troubles with it. All you know is that it doesn’t work and you need it fixed. You can take it to the “big box” store or to a “computer store” and hope that the minimum wage kid can fix it.

Or you can give a call on (201) 796-7967 and get a seasoned professional to help you.

Problems you could have are:

  • Rogue program (malware or virus)

  • Hardware is physically broken

  • Not enough memory or hard drive space

  • Unnecessary programs running in the background that steal your computer’s performance.

For a fixed price we can fix up your problem and get you back together in a few hours. Worst case scenario is we need to backup all your existing programs and reload your laptop.

If you need to replace a broken part or fix up the machine it is an extra charge for the cost of the parts.

Quit struggling with your machine and call today for a reconditioning.


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