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Power Wash your Computer

No, don't get out the hose and the 1,500 PSI pump. We're talking about giving your machine a digital cleansing.

Do you have a perfectly good computer that is less than 5 years old and it runs like crap?

There are probably a few reasons why. Here's where the problems are and here's where the solutions are.

Get rid of Windows Droppings

Most people buy a "Home" copy of Microsoft Windows on a machine marketed for "consumers". They come with all kinds of "helpful tools" from the manufacturer that you don't use, and many of them are "spying on you" for marketing purposes. How can they? You said it was OK on that agreement you said "yes" to when you got the machine. We'll get rid of those programs. You won't even know that they were gone.

Turbo Charge your Drive

Computers that are inexpensive and a few years older still have a physical hard drive with moving parts. Have you ever seen one? They are made up of spinning plates with a record/playback head like a tape recorder running at 7200 RPM with very tiny tolerances. Today, most computers ship with a Solid State Drive (SSD) that is a big memory chip. It is way faster and more reliable than a hard drive. With a $100 to $200 investment, you can swap out the old drive (and keep all your data). The new SSD makes old machines fly like the wind.

More Memory for Thinking

Computers transfer data from the hard drive into Random Access Memory (RAM) where they do their thinking. The more RAM a computer has, the faster it can "think". You probably didn't get enough memory in your computer when you bought it. Memory on computers is kind of sold like the fee for luggage when you buy airline ticket. Airlines don't include checked bags in ticket fees because it lowers the price. You can still reach your destination, but for a better experience you can pay more and not have to drag your luggage around. Same with computers. You get a cheaper computer with less memory so the price seems less. The computer works, but with more memory it runs faster and gives you a better experience. We add extra memory to your computer for a few bucks. Good news is that most memory for older computers is cheaper now than when you bought the machine.


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