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Website Creation for Normal People

Building websites started out as a computer programming project. Then it evolved into a graphic design project mixed in with computer programming. Now the programming part has simplified upkeep and creation part with a concept known as a Content Management System or CMS.

The theory of CMS is simple. It's like making candles. You design a template (or a series of templates that are linked by computer code.) This is like a candle mold.

Then you write content or create images and fill in the templates with information. Like pouring wax into a candle mold.

And just like a candle mold, you can use it over and over with different colors of wax, or different scents and you can make many, many of them very quickly. Once the "mold" or "template" is designed, you can concentrate on "making candles": producing consistently good looking content. Then you can concentrate on getting your great looking site noticed.

Content Management Systems also have tools for marketing. They can publish your pages to create e-mail marketing or links to social media. There are tracking elements built in to measure your exposure. There are search engine optimization tools that help categorize your site to get found.

This site is built with a CMS tool, so we can help you from experience to redesign or convert your site. We can also recommend professional designers and marketers to assist you.

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