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Communications Theory

The Internet is one of the most important communications tools ever invented. It is used to transport information quickly to people who need it. People can visit a web site when they want, look at what is interesting to them, and interact with you – the owner of the web site. No other communications tool offers so much possibility.

The first thing you need to know is that the web is a communications tool. It is an extension of many generations of media before it. Radio, television, print media and all forms of communication are its parents. Just because the web is new and slick, doesn’t mean that the principle of communications has changed.

You need to answer a few basic questions before you start. Most web projects fail because their creators can not answer these questions. Don’t destine yourself for failure by not having a plan.

You Need a Plan

The next series of pages will help you to define your goal. By having a clear-cut plan, you will get your site up running faster and it will “cost” less. We’ll explain everything as we go. Just click on the links down the left side of this page.

In order to build a web site, you need a plan. You wouldn’t try to produce a television show without a script. You wouldn’t set out on creating a brochure without a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. You need to carefully state your objectives before you set off on the creation of a web site.

You need a clear vision of what your business is going communicate to the audience.

It’s Like a Three Legged Stool

There are three parts to the theory. If you fail to create any one of the three, the “stool” you are building will topple.


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