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Programming to Solve Problems You Really Have

When I was considering college an English teacher told me:

Don't study journalism in school. Journalism is simply a style of writing. Learn to write well and you can adapt to any style.

This same logic applies to computers. I never went to school for computer programming. I learned individual computer languages and went to school for them when needed. I learned how to think like a computer and it has served me well over the years.

Programming a computer is mostly the skill of being organized so that the machine can automate a process which has been well thought out. Good programming is really about good project management.

I've learned and forgotten at least four computer languages in my lifetime. Programming has changed dramatically over the last 30 years, and I have learned to make the best of the new technology. There are many complete solutions for many industries readily available. The question is are they applicable to you and your business and do you understand the costs and benefits associated with them.

The best and most talented computer programmers in the world are busy working on the solution to a problem nobody has. They are doing this simply for the thrill of knowledge. They are looking for investors to fund their technology adventures.

Look at the most valuable speculative investments today and they are all exactly this. Driverless cars, Missions to Mars, Digital Currency, and many other "Emerging Markets" are all in this category. Computer programming solving problems people don't have. The bet is that the programmers are right and by the time they have solved the problem, people will have it. The owners of the solution (today's speculative investors) will be on the spot ready to sell the answer.

I guess I'll never be a rich speculative investor. I have spent my career trying to get inside the head of business people and trying to see if they need computer technology to solve their real business problems. I've been rather successful over my 30 years in the business.

Give me a call on (201) 706-7967 or click on the chat below and we can talk about your real problems that can be solved by computer programming.


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