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Microsoft 365 - Sorry, No More Office DVDs

Here's something I tell people all the time:

If you haven't realized it yet:

The practice of taking an IDEA (Books, Software, Music, Videos) And converting them into ATOMS (Paper, Discs, Vinyl, Tape) And putting them on TRUCKS And shipping them to STORES is OVER

Of course there are bizarre things like vinyl phonograph records today outselling all other music distribution, but this is a "weird " thing.

If you are waiting for a new copy of Microsoft Office on a DVD - it is not coming.

If you are a Microsoft Office user and you want the latest software, your best bet is to sign up for the cloud based commercial offering for businesses from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft now offers e-mail and on-line versions of Office software as a subscription service for around $5.00 a user per month For an additional fee, you can download installable versions of the programs for your PC or Mac.

Office 365 also comes with many great new productivity tools and features which will make life better for you, and may replace some other software programs you pay extra for now.

Exchange E-Mail

If you have had a corporate e-mail account on a Microsoft Exchange Server (using Microsoft Outlook) then you will know and understand the benefits. The server, run by Microsoft, has a built in address book, calendar and filing system. All of it is in the cloud and is linked to all devices that access it.

So for example, if you read your e-mail on one device, it shows as read on all devices. Messages sent from one device can be accessed on another. Contacts stored in an address book in Outlook (the program used to read e-mail and calendar information) are linked to your mobile devices. If you enter a name and phone number on your computer, the number will match to a name in the address book on your phone.

OneDrive and SharePoint

SharePoint is a server based storage system for files. If you worked at a company with a "shared drive" where everyone in the company could put and retrieve files, it works the same way. Except now it is all in the "cloud". You can synchronize the SharePoint folders with your computer using OneDrive which works both as a personal storage space for files as well as a synchronization tool for shared files.

If you are paying for backup programs in the cloud, SharePoint can fill that role, saving money.


This is the new collaboration software from Microsoft. It links an online chat program, a "social wall" concept like Facebook, on line video calling and screen sharing as well as links to files in SharePoint and group mailing lists in Outlook. If used properly, it is a fantastic way for people to work together who may not share the same physical workspace.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access

All the "old standards" are still around. Publisher and Access only work as downloadable programs, but the rest have cloud versions. In this way there is no need for installed program licenses for the users that don't need Office software installed on their machines.

Security - Administration - Data Loss Prevention

Additional features allow you to administer laptops and tablets remotely. You can restrict what is installed or see what is used. You can lock lost or stolen machines. Passwords can be enforced and changed remotely or via self service with SMS to cell phones and two factor authentication.

So many Opportunities for Greater Productivity

We have implemented many instances of Microsoft Office 365 in many different environments. Each one is different and all of them are customized for that particular customer. Call (201) 796-7967 today or click the chat below to discuss your options.


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