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Are you Still Running Old Windows?

Have you bought a new computer in the last five years? If you have there is a good chance it is running Windows 10, but if you haven't you are in need of an upgrade.

Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in January 2019. Support for Windows 8.1 ends in 2023.

Win 7 has a round start icon

If you haven't switched to Windows 10, give us a call on (201) 796-7967 and we can start working on a plan to get you switched over.

Windows 7 is easy to spot. It has a round start button. If you have one, we need to get you upgraded.

Windows 8.1 is characterized by this wonderful full screen of big tiles when you click the "Start" button:

Windows 8.1 has a full screen of tiles for the Start menu

You might be lucky if you bought a machine at the end of the Windows 7 lifetime (or during the time just before Windows 10 came out.) These newer machines have the horsepower and the license for Windows 10, so you may not need a new machine. We can just "soup up" your current machine and install the new operating system.

We save all your files. In most cases when we upgrade, we get you a new hard drive. New hard drives are now Solid State or just a real big memory chip. Older hard drives had spinning plates and moving recording heads that are prone to failure over time. SSD's are faster and more reliable. This combined with extra memory can make an older machine run like new, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Please call us today on (201) 796-7967 or click the chat link below to discuss a check up for your machines and a plan to upgrade if you need it.


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