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Buy a Block of Time

Our business runs on blocks of time.

We usually charge $75 an hour for our time, but it's way hard to figure out exactly how much time it is going to take to complete a project.

So here's how we make it most effective for us to work together.

We bill you for 10 hours of work at a 20% discount for pre-payment. So instead of paying $750, you pay $600. Then we work for you on a retainer. We do all the work you need, be it network administration, programming, computer refurbishment or whatever you need. We apply your fee against this retainer until it runs out.

We're very liberal too. Meaning, we don't watch the clock like a hawk. We want to establish a long term relationship, so we don't consider the first block you buy to be your last. The hope is that we'll do lots of work together in the future. A block of time is the easiest way to make sure that you get your technology supported and we get paid.

Our goal is to make you a happy customer! Our experience tells us that your technology needs will take several hours repair and enhance. This may take place over weeks or a year. With the time paid in advance, you can just pick up the phone and get support whenever you need it.

We offer no charge remote support.

If you have a problem and we can fix it without having to come and visit you, we don't include this in the Block of Time Support contract. We have a program we install on your machine that allows us to connect (with your permission and knowledge) so we can see you problems when they occur and hopefully fix them quickly without having to travel to your location.

Call (201) 796-7967 or chat us up on the link below so we can get your technology issues resolved.


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