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What’s with the Red Ball?

The “Red Ball Express” was the convoy system created by the U.S. Army during World War II in Europe. The term “Red Ball” was used by the railway freight business in the United States. It meant “Express Freight Delivered at Top Priority” The Army adopted the term and created the “Red Ball Highway” that stretched from the ports in France to the front lines in Germany.

The goal was to keep a steady line of trucks running from one end of the highway to the other. They figured that if they kept a constant speed of 25 miles per hour, they would deliver the required amount of supplies.

To make things easier, the route was marked with a red ball. Trucks were painted with red balls. The troops conducting traffic wore red balls to mark the way. The war would have not been won without a constant efficient delivery system.

Not flashy. Consistent. Focused.

Networks are just like highways. They are roads where information travels. We provide the “trucks” or the method for you to use the network. We’ll show you how to “drive”. Once you are comfortable, we’ll load up your “trucks” with a “load” of digital data and send you down the network “highway.”

50 years later, the Express gets it’s own stamp

Our goal is to consistently provide you with quality networking support so you can transport information to your employees and customers. You need to move information to people who need it in a form they will understand. We’ll help you make the information concise and the delivery method reliable.

We want to build your network so that you can get the maximum potential from it. Just like the red ball express, we want to get you from where you are to where you want to go at a steady pace; a pace you are comfortable with. If you learn a bit each day about computer technology, you’ll use more and more of it to make your business run better.


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